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You will receive Ten (10) 30mls of our Top 10 Flavors to include the following:

Gush: (my own creation)

6 Juicy Fruit Flavors | A Mild Cream Backing |  with a Splash of Koolada to create that refreshing cooling sensation in the back of your throat

Bridge Street Gold Reserve:  (my own creation)

Made with RY4 Double which is super smooth & mild tobacco flavor with vanilla and caramel properties | mixed with butterscotch | caramel candy | vanilla custard | vanilla swirl *** IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!

Smurf Snot:  (my own creation)

Blueberries and a yummy cream flavor


dead-ringer for Starburst Fruit Chew Candy

'Bula Butter: (my own creation in honor of Ashtabula, OH)

A delicious combination of Graham Cracker, Butter Cream, Maple & Butterscotch (Very Popular with the locals!)

THE PLAGUE:  (my own creation)

Apple Candy | Berries | Watermelon Candy | Sweet n Tart - FLAVOR TO DIE FOR!

Crunchberries: (like Captain Crunchberries)

Flavor is on-point and it's a delicious all-day vape

Unicorn Milk:  (My Cloned Version of Unicorn Milk)

Strawberries & a Magical Cream Mixture

Cannoli:  (my Cloned Version of Bam Bam's Cannoli)

It's a big hit with the locals and I've been told that my version is BETTER!

Tropimellow: (my own creation)

5 Tropical Fruits with a delicious cream backing