(***AMERICA NEEDS A SIX-PACK | The Flavor Of Our Times | six (6) 60mls for $39.99)

  • $ 39.99

These are some crazy and turbulent times.  Am I right?

We developed six new fruity and summer appropriate flavors to commemorate what has, thus far, been an historic year.

The flavors are as follows: (also available individually)

#1: The Plague

Apple Candy | Berries | Watermelon Candy | Sweet n Tart - FLAVOR TO DIE FOR!
(Please note: I released this flavor about 2 years. It was not created with the intent to make light of our current situation in relation to the Corona Virus. Our goal is not to make fun of or offend anyone who's life has been effected by this terrible illness. We just feel strongly that if we don't find a way to laugh at the crazy state of our current union, then we will surely cry.)


#2: Murder Hornet Nectar

Lemon | Honey | Pomegranate

#3: Social Distance

Apple Candy | Watermelon Candy | Star Fruit | Sweet n Tart

#4: Flavor Riot

Watermelon | Peach |Blueberry Ice

#5: M.O.G.A (Make Orange Great Again)

Creamy Orange Cotton Candy

#6: Berry Stimulus

Strawberry| Blueberry | Kiwi | Dash of Ice